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Everything at innonet.org and the Point K Learning Center is available for free, and we want to keep it that way. All kinds of organizations use Point K's tools and resources to help meet the strategic and practical challenges they face every day.  Point K is here for them, whenever they need it, at no cost to them.  Some organizations that use this website could afford to pay for it, but a large proportion of them simply can't. They are volunteers, or grassroots organizations with less than $500 to spend on an entire year's efforts.

But this website isn't free for us. We need to pay for hosting fees; for staff time to update content, answer user email, test and troubleshoot issues; and for developers who help us fix bugs and create new features. Historically, we have depended on generous underwriting from private foundations, but relying solely on grant support makes our website--especially the Point K Learning Center--vulnerable. That's why we need your help.

You can make a difference in what Point K does for you and over 21,250 other people worldwide. Your support of Point K, no matter how small, will help:

Your donation will be used solely for Point K and innonet.org administration, maintenance, upgrades, and development.

The Legal Stuff: Innovation Network is a tax-exempt nonprofit organization. Donors do not receive goods or services in exchange for their donations.

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