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Do you need new ways to plan and evaluate your programs? Do your grantees need to know how to build a logic model? How do you measure success for your program area? Are your goals aligned with your funder's goals?

No matter how much or how little experience you have with evaluation, or how extensive your evaluation challenges are, we can help.

Our Services: Consulting | Training | Research


Large-Scale Projects

The bulk of our practice consists of multi-year projects working with funders and mid- to large-sized nonprofits. We tailor each engagement to client needs.

Recent large-scale projects have included evaluations of entire grantmaking portfolios, capacity-building projects working with large groups of grantees, and a facilitation and advisory role in a major organizational change process.

Large-Scale Advocacy CampaignEvaluating a funder's national advocacy campaign: For example, we were recently tasked with guiding evaluation for a funder's national advocacy campaign, and had to make sense of advocacy data contained in 110 grants. Where did we start? Julia Coffman's Framework for Public Policy Advocacy was the perfect tool. It helped us compare strategies employed by grantees individually, as well as step back and look at strategies used across the campaign.

Read more about that project in Big Picture, Small Picture: Using the Framework for Public Policy Advocacy in a Large-Scale Advocacy Campaign.

Sample results from Coalition Assessment Tool Evaluating a statewide community change effort: In one of our current projects, we're evaluating a statewide community change effort focused on changing systems and policies to improve access to healthy foods and healthy community design.  This six-year project involves interviews, focus groups, surveys, and a number of other data collection methods, such as the development of a coalition assessment tool to measure the strength and capacity of community coalitions over the duration of the grant.

Read more about the development of our coalition assessment tool in Coalition Assessment: Approaches for Measuring Capacity and Impact.


Small-Scale Projects

For smaller organizations or those with more tightly focused evaluation needs, we also offer shorter-term projects.

Recently, for example, we have provided a one-time customer satisfaction survey and a series of online trainings for a small group of grantees.


Range of Services

Ongoing Learning CycleThere is no "typical" consulting project, since everything we do is tailored to a client's specific needs. However, we do tend to follow a typical evaluation lifecycle. A project with Innovataion Network may involve any of the following:


Want to learn more? Please contact us to discuss your evaluation needs.

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