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  • Privacy Policy

    A. General Provisions. Your privacy is of the utmost importance to us at Innovation Network, Inc.  We are committed to ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of any information you enter into our online tools.  Innovation Network will never disclose your email address or any other personally identifiable information about you or your organization to any third party without your express consent.

    An important part of our mission is to provide useful, interactive, online tools to you and your organization.  In working with our online tools, you will be asked for specific information about your program, your budget, your staff, and other aspects of your work. Though you always have the option of leaving information blank, the more detail you put into our online tools, the more useful the results will be.  We understand that you may be sharing sensitive and private information.  We assure you that no outside parties will have access to any personally identifiable information that is entered into the innonet.org database.  Your username and password are your protected way of accessing that confidential information.

    Innovation Network and its affiliated consultants are authorized to view data entered by innonet.org's registered users (including personal information, plans, and evaluation data) only for the purposes defined below, and under all circumstances are bound to hold all such data in strictest confidence.  Authorized Innovation Network representatives may gain access to users’ plans only for these express purposes: as part of a review process requested by a user; in the event of programming failure or necessary technical help; or as part of Innovation Network's ongoing efforts to evaluate its own work and improve its online tools.

    B. Specific Provisions for Sponsored Users. This section B applies specifically and solely to users who have received a "Project or Grantee" registration code. Such a registration code would have been emailed directly to you or provided as part of a subscription packet. Innovation Network, Inc. has entered into, and may in the future continue to enter into, agreements with various funders, academic programs, and membership organizations (our "Sponsoring Partners") to provide specialized tools or access packages for grantees, students, or members ("Sponsored Users"). As part of these specialized services, Innovation Network may have agreed to release information to our Sponsoring Partners. A Sponsoring Partner may be able to view the progress through innonet.org online tools of its own Sponsored Users. A Sponsoring Partner may also receive reports about its own Sponsored Users, in which there may be information that identifies the user organizations. Each Sponsoring Partner has also agreed not to disclose any personally identifiable information provided by its Sponsored Users, or any reports its Sponsored Users may receive from Innovation Network in conjunction with innonet.org online tools or other Innovation Network services, to any third party other than Innovation Network, Inc. without the individual Sponsored User's express consent.

    If you are a Sponsored User (i.e., you registered with a Project or Grantee code) and you have additional questions about these issues, please contact the funder, academic program, or membership organization that sent you the login code you used upon registration.

    C. Specific Provisions Regarding Aggregated Data. Innovation Network believes that the nonprofit sector as a whole can be strengthened if we nonprofits aggregate our evaluation results. Innovation Network is developing online tools for data collection, survey creation, and data analysis; these tools will collect a broad base of data. Innovation Network further intends to make aggregated data available to funders and policy-makers. We assure you that no identifying information about you or your organization would ever form part of any such aggregated report, except as provided for in Section B, above.

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  • Copyright Policy

    Innovation Network, Inc. grants permission for the not-for-profit reproduction or distribution of information provided on its website, provided that:
    • Proper copyright notice is affixed where applicable;
    • No alterations are made to the content of any file; and
    • Credit is given to Innovation Network, Inc. or the specified author(s)/copyright holder(s) of the document as the source of the information.
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  • Anti-Spam Policy

    Innovation Network is strongly opposed to the practice of spamming (sending unsolicited email, particularly in bulk). We have anti-spam policies and procedures in place to:
    • Protect Innovation Network web users and staff from receiving spam, and
    • Protect Innovation Network as an organization, both from spam and from the risk of being labeled a spammer.

    Spam is in the eye of the receiver. Many Internet users regard any unsolicited email as spam, whether or not that email is commercial in nature or is sent as part of a bulk mailing. Since many innonet.org users and their Internet Service Providers are now using spam-blocking software and are reporting unsolicited emails as spam (whether or not these emails meet legal or technical definitions of spam), Innovation Network believes it is critical that we limit our emailing to those addresses for which we have been granted verifiable, deliberate, explicit, and revocable permission.

    To that end, as of June 1, 2004, all new subscribers to our email update distribution list (maintained by Constant Contact) have been subscribed on a "double-opt-in" basis before they receive any email from us (beyond the automatic confirmation email received after registration).

    How this works for you: As part of your registration on innonet.org, you are offered a check box to subscribe to email updates -- as-needed emailings detailing website upgrades, previewing new tools, informing you of scheduled outages, etc.). If you choose to receive updates (strongly recommended) and provide a valid email address, your information is automatically transferred to Constant Contact, and a confirmation email is sent to you. You will be added to our emailing list only when you confirm your subscription. You may unsubscribe at any time; a secure unsubscribe link is included with every Constant Contact mailing, and you may continue to use our online tools and resources even if you unsubscribe from the email list. In addition, the email address you register on innonet.org is protected by your password, and cannot be accessed by spambots (automated programs that collect email addresses from websites).

    If you have any questions about any of our policies, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@innonet.org.

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