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Advocacy Evaluation Project Details

Reform Immigration FOR America is a bipartisan coalition of diverse groups and national organizations advocating for federal immigration reform. This exciting and fast-paced project has involved a variety of real-time data collection strategies so that the coalition can respond quickly and nimbly to opportunities as they present themselves. In the early days of our work with RIFA (then called the Coalition for Comprensive Immigration Reform) , Innovation Network developed a novel data collection methodology which we call the “Intense Period Debrief” – a targeted focus group process to capture results immediately following a period of high activity.

The U.S. Human Rights Fund is a collaborative fund dedicated to the realization of human rights in the United States through grantmaking and policy engagement. We have been engaged in an evaluation process with them since 2008. The evaluation approach focuses on assessing the initiative-level outcomes of the Fund and building the evaluation capacity within its grantees. We work on both fronts, providing evaluation consulting services to the Fund's management team and training services to its grantees.

The California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) is a non-partisan nonprofit organization that seeks to inform public debate and policy decisions on issues affecting California’s immigrants and their families. In connection with the Policy Center’s 10th anniversary, Innovation Network was hired by The California Endowment to evaluate the Policy Center’s efforts over its lifetime, and to create a system that would allow the Policy Center’s staff to evaluate their own impact going forward.

The Colorado Trust, with a vision of achieving access to health for all Coloradans by 2018, provided grants to nine Colorado organizations in support of their advocacy efforts. The Trust hired Innovation Network to serve as an evaluation advisor to the foundation and to lead a team of Colorado evaluators who will build grantees’ evaluation capacity and help them measure the effectiveness of their advocacy efforts.

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