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Assessing to Achieve High Performance: What Nonprofits Are Doing and How Foundations Can Help

The Center for Effective Philanthropy (CEP) wanted to understand the state of performance assessment practice among nonprofits to help foundations target support where it is most needed. This report focuses on 4 questions that seeks to paint a picture of how nonprofits are using foundation money, if any, to assess their performance and impact: 1) What kinds of information are nonprofits collecting to understand their performance, 2) How, if at all, are nonprofits investing in their capacity to assess their performance?, 3) In what ways are nonprofits using the performance information they collect?, 4) Are foundations supporting nonprofits in their efforts to assess their performance? 


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Author The Center for Effective Philanthropy
Publisher The Center for Effective Philanthropy
Publication Date April 1, 2015
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