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AEA Presentation: "Key Questions in Evaluation of Governance Issues in Advocacy Coalitions"

Bonnie L. Shepard of Social Sectors Development Strategies presented the following slides at the American Evaluation Association 2008 conference. The presentation, titled "Key Questions in Evaluation of Governance Issues in Advocacy Coalitions: Insights from a Study of NGO Advocacy Networks in Latin America", is based on information previously published as a North-South Center Agenda Paper and in Shepard's "Running the Obstacle Course to Sexual and Reproductive Health: Lessons from Latin America". The analysis examined 13 regional and national advocacy coalitions (primarily the national ones) advocating for sexual and reproductive rights and women's rights in Latin America in the 1990s.  

This presentation was a part of a session that also included these materials from Maureen Berner and John Stephens of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's School of Government: 




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Author Shepard, Bonnie L.
Publisher Social Sectors Development Strategies
Publication Date November 1, 2008
Publication City Denver, CO
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