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The Conference is Over, Now What? Professional Development for Novice Evaluators (Presentation handout)

Are you a recent graduate or novice evaluator? If so, cheers to your first few years in the evaluation field! Your professional development is just beginning. Adding skills to your evaluation toolbox early will help you conduct better evaluations (and, will make you an attractive candidate with plenty of employment options!) Your days of reading textbooks are mostly behind you, so you'll need to find new avenues for increasing your skills and staying current. But, sometimes it's hard to know "where to look" to further your own professional development.

In this roundtable at the American Evaluation Association's annual conference in Washington, D.C., Ann Emery discussed a dozen professional development resources for recent graduates and novice evaluators, such as: aea365, affiliates, blogs, webinars, listservs, topical interest groups, and social media platforms like Twitter.


This resource is a handout that accompanied the roundtable.



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Author Ann K. Emery
Publisher Innovation Network, Inc.
Publication Date October 18, 2013
Publication City Washington, DC, USA
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