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Evaluating Adaptive Capacity and Skills + Resources

Since its inception in 2000, the Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) has invested in policy change in Missouri. Recognizing a dearth of organizations with the capacity to advocate for Missouri health consumers, MFH broadened its grantmaking vision to building a field of consumer health advocates. Using the Framework for Evaluating Advocacy Field Building, Innovation Network and the Center for Evaluation Innovation are currently gauging how MFH shapes this field through its grantmaking. This presentation will focus on evaluating two dimensions of the Framework of this field: Adaptive Capacity and Skills & Resources. A discussion of data collection activities will give the audience ideas about how to evaluate these dimensions, lessons learned from the process, and what has been revealed through the evaluation about Skills & Resources and Adaptive Capacity in a field.


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Author Kat Athanasiades
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Publication Date October 14, 2014
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