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Assessing the Capacity of Community Coalitions to Advocate for Change (Presentation Handout)

Research has shown that high-capacity coalitions are more successful in effecting community change. While a number of coalition assessment tools have been developed, documentation is scarce regarding how they are implemented, how the results are used, and whether they are predictive of coalition success in collaborative community change efforts. Developed for a health promotion initiative of a major health foundation, this tool is designed to assess coalition progress in eight key areas across twelve different community coalitions, over the course of a three year initiative.

On May 22, 2013, Veena Pankaj, Kat Athanasiades, Ann Emery, and Johanna Morariu gave a presentation titled, “Assessing the Capacity of Community Coalitions to Advocate for Change.” The panel was hosted by the Advocacy Planning and Evaluation Program (APEP) at  the Aspen Institute in Washington, DC. 

The session focused on a coalition assessment tool that was designed by Innovation Network to assess changes in coalition capacity over time. Presenters shared lessons learned from the first year of the initiative about developing and deploying the assessment tool, as well as what these tools can—and can’t—tell you about a coalition’s capacity in conducting community change work. In addition presenters shared how information collected from this assessment can be communicated back to the coalitions using data visualization approaches to effectively communicate the data.

This resource is a handout that accompanied that panel.


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Author Veena Pankaj, Kat Athanasiades, Ann Emery, Johanna Morariu
Publisher Innovation Network
Publication Date May 22, 2013
Publication City Washington, DC
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