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Measuring Up: HIV-Related Advocacy Evaluation Training Pack


This evaluation training pack is published by the Alliance and the International Council of AIDS Service Organizations (ICASO) and consists of two guides - a guide for facilitators and a guide for learners. They are designed for advocacy and monitoring and evaluation staff of civil society organisations (CSOs) (including networks) that are involved in designing, implementing, and assessing advocacy projects at different levels. The purpose of these guides is to increase users’ capacity to evaluate the progress and results of their advocacy work.

The guides aim to:

  1. help users to identify and confront the challenges faced by community-based organisations evaluating HIV-related advocacy.
  2. introduce new thinking for designing advocacy evaluations.
  3. give users the opportunity to apply some aspects of the evaluation design process to their specific contexts.
  4. make users aware that advocacy evaluation is a fast-growing and evolving field, with a large number of publications on advocacy evaluation design, approaches, and methods available via the internet and summarised in the resources section of the learner’s guide.


This facilitator’s guide provides detailed guidance on how to facilitate a three-day or one-day workshop. The workshop can be adapted to be longer than three days by extending the time for key activities and discussion time after presentations and group work.


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Author Nicky Davies and Alan Brotherton
Publisher International HIV/AIDS Alliance
Publication Date November 9, 2010
Publication City East Sussex, UK
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