Transforming Knowledge into Change

Achieving a Policy Change: Key Strategies and Factors for Success

The authors, from the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies at the University of California, San Francisco, presented the following issue brief at the American Evaluation Association 2008 conference. The document includes two case studies from an evaluation of The California Endowment's Clinic Consortia Policy and Advocacy Program between 2001 and 2006.


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Author Gardner, Annette; Marshall, Nell; Geierstanger, Sara; Quinn, Holly
Publisher University of California, San Francisco
Publication Date October 1, 2008
Publication City San Francisco, CA
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Sobering but important read

It's helpful when you are doing advocacy work, to know that you are not alone, particularly as the advocacy effort moves into the longer term! Reading this paper reminded me that the road is long, but also helped me remember to keep the work in its context. I recommend advocates to take the general points from material like this and see how it applies to the kind of issue(s) that we are advocating on. The steps resonated for me - involve yourself in ALL levels of policy work; bring expertise to the table; take advantage of opportunities to build capacity; also know that you need to have a modicum of internal capacity before you can sustainably do advocacy, so think about how to do that as an organization.

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