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Basic Guide to Program Evaluation

Carter McNamara's guide to evaluation, part of his Free Management Library and drawn from his book Field Guide to Nonprofit Program Design, Marketing and Evaluation. This guide covers the hows and whys of evaluation, an overview of evaluation and data collection methodologies and how to choose between them, analysis and interpretation advice, and other tips.


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Author McNamara, Carter (ed.)
Publisher Authenticity Consulting, LLC
Publication Date January 18, 2008
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Publication Work Free Management Library
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Submitted to Point K January 18, 2008 - 12:21pm

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Useful and pragmatic

This article is a useful and pragmatic approach to evaluating. It gives good tips and stresses that actually doing an evaluation is the most important, not how you do it exactly. Useful guide especially for smaller foundations.

Basic Guide to Program Evaluation

Is what is says it is- a basic guide. Defines evaluation as a continual process to learn how to improve programs, which is helpful.

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