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Indicators for Programming in Human Rights and Democratic Development: A Preliminary Study

This paper is the result of a preliminary study on using indicators to track progress in human rights and democratic development efforts.  The paper briefly outlines the experience of development organizations in measuring results in political development.  It then examines some of the methodological issues relating to performance indicators, generally, and human rights and democratic development programming indicators, in particular. Finally, after suggesting an approach that integrates qualitative, quantitative and participatory methods of evaluating political development, the paper examines results-based indicators at both the (corporate) policy and the project/programme levels.  Indicators discussed in the paper include: increase in percentage of registered voters, increased public access to polling stations, regularity of elections, increased coalition building, increased legislative independence, more timely legislative work, and increased citizen participation in civil society.


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Author Kapoor, Ilan
Publisher Canadian International Development Agency
Publication Date July 1, 1996
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Submitted to Point K January 18, 2008 - 9:45am

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