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Dataviz! Or, How to Win at Communication and Influence People (Resources Handout)


Are you intrigued by data and information visualization—dataviz—and how it could improve your communication strategy? Are you interested in the range of dataviz options, but unsure which is right for you? Or are you maybe even drowning in data and looking for someone to throw you a life-saving suggestion for tools to transform your data into a message?

On May 17, 2013, Innovation Network Director Johanna Morariu gave a presentation about data visualization at The California Wellness Foundation's Organizational Learning and Evaluation (TCWF OLE) conference in Los Angeles, California. The presentation was titled, "Dataviz! Or, How to Win at Communication and Influence People." 

Through lively sharing and discussion this session covered a range of topics related to nonprofit engagement with data and information visualization, including: What is Data/Information Visualization? Why Should My Nonprofit Use Data/Information Visualization? And How Do I Get Started with Data/Information Visualization?

The attachment is a resource handout from the presentation that contains additional resources about data visualization.

The slides are embedded below.



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