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Assessing Capacity for Community Change Efforts: Learnings From an Adaptive Initiative [Slides]

Should community change efforts be focused on funding coalitions or funding a flexible group of community leaders? The Kansas Health Foundation has embraced a four-pronged community change model that targets community leaders as key agents of change within each of their funded communities. Innovation Network, the evaluation partner for the Kansas Health Foundation's Healthy Communities Initiative, developed and deployed an assessment tool designed to contribute to the assessment of leadership capacity in effecting community change. Presenters shared lessons learned about developing and deploying a capacity assessment tool as well as what these tools can - and cannot - tell you about a coalition's capacity in conducting community change work.


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Author Kat Athanasiades, Veena Pankaj, and Deanna Van Hersh
Publisher Innovation Network
Publication Date October 17, 2013
Publication City Washington, D.C.
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