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#JAGUnity2014: Innovations in Evaluating Social Movements

Today, social movement organizers are grappling with big questions: What is the long-term impact we are hoping to make? How can we measure the progress we've made thus far? How can we learn from past practice? On June 7, 2014, Innovation Netowrk's William Fenn spoke on a panel with with Deepak Pateriya and Sian O'Faolain of the Center for Community Change and Hillary Klein of Make the Road New York to try and answer some of these questions. The presentation highlighted specific ways in which social movement organizers can evaluate the impact of their work.


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Author Will Fenn, Deepak Pateriya, Sian O'Faolain, Hillary Klein
Publisher Innovation Network, Center for Community Change, and Make the Road New York
Publication Date June 7, 2014
Publication City Washington DC
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