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What happened to the Workstation?

Innovation Network's previous suite of online tools, the Nonprofit Workstation, has been retired, replaced with the Point K Learning Center.

Where is my work?

If you were an active Workstation user, we have stored your work, so you may transfer it into Point K.  Click here for detailed instructions (pdf).

What's better about Point K?
  • Better tools: The Point K tools were developed from the earlier Workstation tools in response to user needs and to keep pace with current evaluation practice. 
  • Room to grow: Point K houses the reengineered tools, and we'll keep adding new tools as they become available. 
  • Work together: Point K lets you work together with colleagues -- something that was never possible in the Workstation.
  • New learning options: Point K provides a platform for us to provide more evaluation learning -- online courses and webinars, coming soon.
  • Technical upgrades: Point K is compatible with Mac OS X and Linux operating systems, and with Internet Explorer, Mozilla/Firefox, and Netscape.  The Nonprofit Workstation was only available to people who were using PCs running Internet Explorer.
We hope you'll make the switch to Point K.  Let us know if you need any assistance.
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