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Innovation Network is on a newsletter hiatus. Back issues will remain available here.

Advocacy Evaluation Update ("AEU") is for people who are working to influence decision makers, and looking for a way to measure their success. Innovation Network handed over the editorial reins of this newsletter to the Center for Evaluation Innovation in October 2009. Our staff is still involved in newsletter production and subscriber management. Learn more and subscribe at the Center's website.

Transforming Evaluation: We stopped producing our general evaluation newsletter in June 2007, when we started the Advocacy Evaluation Update. We don't plan to bring Transforming Evaluation back unless we hear a demand for it. You can still access back issues from this page.

Please Note: Our subscription center is managed by Constant Contact. It handles several lists for us, but you can choose which of our publications you want. (We'll only send you what you ask for.)

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October 2010

Advocacy Evaluation Update, Issue 10: Lily Zandniapour and Kathy Brennan from Innovation Network explore what it means to be methodologically rigorous in the field of advocacy evaluation; spotlight on an Advocacy Evaluation Planning Tool from the Children’s Aid Society; profile of Dr. Paul Zeitz of The Global AIDS Alliance; and several new reviews, events, and resources.

Read or download AEU#10  (.pdf, 425 KB)


May 2010

Advocacy Evaluation Update, Issue 9: Jeremy Shiffman explains his framework of factors that affect political support; spotlight on evaluating community organizing; profile of social scientist Eva Schiffer and her Net-Map method; and four new events and resources.

Read AEU#9 online |  Download AEU#9 .pdf (330 KB)


January 2010

Advocacy Evaluation Update, Issue 8: Rhonda Schlangen discusses advocacy evaluation in Nigeria and Kenya; spotlight of the use of system mapping in advocacy evaluation projects; profile of the Center for Evaluation Innovation; and two new resources.

Read AEU#8 online |  Download AEU#8 .pdf (265 KB)


October 2009

Advocacy Evaluation Update, Issue 7: Introducing the Center for Evaluation Innovation; lessons from Oxfam Great Britain; profile of the Philip R. Lee Institute for Health Policy Studies; four new resources; schedule for the 2009 American Evaluation Association conference; three upcoming events.

Read AEU#7 online |  Download AEU#7 .pdf (490 KB)


June 2009

Advocacy Evaluation Update, Issue 6: Four new resources; highlights from impact evaluation conference in Cairo; blogs to watch; upcoming events.

Read AEU#6 online |  Download AEU#6 .pdf (198 KB)


February 2009

Advocacy Evaluation Update, Issue 5: Major advocacy evaluation field convening, January 2009; session summaries and resources from the 2008 AEA conference; deadline alert for advocacy evaluation conference sessions; new journal to feature advocacy evaluation.

Read AEU#5 online |  Download AEU#5 .pdf (344 KB)


September 2008 

Advocacy Evaluation Update, Issue 4: New publications from Innovation Network and The Atlantic Philanthropies; available advocacy evaluation trainings; AEA 2008 schedule.

Read AEU#4 online |  Download AEU#4 .pdf (385KB)


 March 2008 

Advocacy Evaluation Update, Issue 3: A special issue focusing on the advocacy evaluation activities at the American Evaluation Association annual conference.

Read AEU#3 online |  Download AEU#3 .pdf (585KB)

 November 2007 

Advocacy Evaluation Update, Issue 2: New tools from Alliance for Justice, a survey in support of Innovation Network's advocacy evaluation research, and interviews with Tom Kelly (on the Annie E. Casey Foundation's results-based approach) and Rhonda Schlangen (on Planned Parenthood's monitoring and evaluation efforts).
Read AEU#2 online | Download AEU#2 .pdf (341KB)


June 2007 

Advocacy Evaluation Update, Issue 1: The debut issue of AEU included a work-in-progress report on the Advocacy Composite Logic Model, an overview of advocacy evaluation models and thinking, and interviews with Jagabandhu Acharya (on Oxfam's advocacy framework) and Gara LaMarche (on evaluation of immigration reform advocacy).
Read AEU#1 online | Download AEU#1 .pdf (490KB)

Transforming Evaluation Vol. 2 #2: A new capacity-building project with the 21st Century School Fund, data integration research findings, and introducing the Advocacy Evaluation Update.
Read TE June 2007 online | Download TE June 2007 .pdf (385 KB)

January 2007

Transforming Evaluation Vol. 2 #1: Updates on our work in advocacy evaluation, a new capacity-building project in partnership with Capital One, and a celebration of Innovation Network's 15th anniversary.
Read TE Jan. 2007 online


October 2006
Transforming Evaluation Vol. 1 #4: New projects with the California Endowment and the Center for Leadership Initiatives, conference summaries, an examination of Results Accountability, and a reflection on Jim Collins' Good to Great and the Social Sectors.
Read TE Oct. 2006 online

July 2006
Transforming Evaluation Vol. 1 #3: Tips on setting realistic outcomes, the benefits of organizational information sharing, and how a qualitative evaluation helped one of our clients tell its story.
Read TE July 2006 online

November 2005
Transforming Evaluation Vol. 1 #2: Articles and tips on outcomes alignment, cultural competency tools, and securing stakeholder buy-in.
Read TE Nov. 2005 online

August 2005
Transforming Evaluation Vol. 1 #1 (debut issue): Dispelling evaluation myths, evaluating media campaigns, and more.
Read TE Aug. 2005 online

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