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Getting Started

The Point K Learning Center is here to serve nonprofits, funders, and others interested in the effectiveness of the nonprofit and philanthropic community.

Suggestions for nonprofits
Suggestions for funders
Suggestions for others

For nonprofits

Free online tools and resources: Register for the Point K Learning Center, and:

  • Create a logic model to see the connections between what goes into your program, what you do, and what results you produce
  • Define your own success and measure the impact of your programs by crafting an evaluation plan
  • Take an organizational assessment to identify your organization’s strengths and opportunities for improvement
  • Browse our evaluation and capacity-building resources

Tailored Support:  Point K technical support is available by email at info@innonet.org. We strive to respond to tech support requests within three business days. If you have an urgent request, please call us at 202-728-0727, ext. 108 (Isaac Morrison). Innovation Network provides customized evaluation support to nonprofits through our consulting and training services.

For funders

Build Grantee Capacity: Our consulting and training services can be tailored to your needs, to:

  • Align grantee outcomes with your grantmaking priorities
  • Build staff and grantee skills to benefit from evaluation
  • Get you the information you need to show your programs are making a difference

Tools and Resources: The Point K Learning Center has tools and resources that can help foundations, corporate philanthropy programs, and public funding agencies evaluate their grantmaking, and help grantees provide better data and information about the impact of their programs.

With Point K, you can:

  • Create logic models and work collaboratively with grantees to define outcomes
  • Encourage grantees to create evaluation plans so they can provide reliable information on the results of their work.
  • Use the Organizational Assessment Tool to show the strengths and help identify challenges for your grantees

Evaluation Implementation: Innovation Network is a pioneer in participatory evaluation methodologies. Read about our services to see how we help you with implementation, impact, and cluster evaluation efforts.

For others

You don't have to be a staff member of a nonprofit or a private foundation to use innonet.org.

  • Do you work for or with a 501(c)(3) service provider or international NGO?
  • Are you an individual donor, or do you work with a grantmaking foundation, a corporate philanthropy program, or a government agency.
  • Are you an educator, or a student?
  • Are you a consultant or technical assistance provider who works with nonprofits?
  • Do you have any connection to the nonprofit and philanthropic sector?
  • Are you interested in working for social change?

If yes to any of the above,  you are welcome to learn more about Point K (or register now!)  We hope you'll find our online tools and resources valuable in your work.

Don't see what you're looking for? Let us know how we can help you.

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