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Innovation Network is a nonprofit evaluation, research, and consulting firm.
We provide knowledge and expertise to help nonprofits and funders
learn from their work to improve their results.

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burstDo you need new ways to plan and evaluate your programs? Do your grantees need to know how to build a logic model? How do you measure success for your program area? Are your goals aligned with your funder's goals?

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Advocacy, Politics & Philanthropy: A Reflection on a Decade of Immigration Reform Advocacy

Advocacy, Politics, and PhilanthropyMay 2015—Innovation Network examines the impact and shares lessons from Atlantic’s $70.3 million effort between 2004 and 2014 to reform the U.S. immigration system.

Advocacy, Politics & Philanthropy: A Reflection on a Decade of Immigration Reform Advocacy Report

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Over 22,000 people worldwide use the Point K Learning Center to learn about evaluation, connect with peers, and understand the results of their own programs.

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State of Evaluation: Evaluation Practice and Capacity in the Nonprofit Sector

State of Evaluation 2012Our State of Evaluation project is the first project that systematically and repeatedly collects data from a nationwide sample of nonprofits about their evaluation practices.

We published the first research in 2010 and followed up with a second report in 2012.  Visit stateofevaluation.org to learn more.


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